Doing it for the right Reason

Geneticist and champion of open access to scientific research, Michael Eisen, recently announced his intention to run for the US Senate in 2018.

In an interview given to Nature, he stressed that his decision is not merely driven by concerns about research funding under the new US administration, but by the latter’s “basic rejection of the fundamental principles upon which science is based.”

Also he pointed out that scientists may be “paying the price for having been politically disengaged for such a long time.”

Despite his relative lack of political experience, he understands that bringing reason to the political debate will require more than simply voicing aspirations. Moreover, as emphasized via @SenatorPhD, his political platform is “about bringing facts and logic back to the policy table”.

With his decision, Eisen seems to be answering a call to stand up and take action in a time of global crisis. He acknowledges the risks and obstacles that lie ahead.  Risks and obstacles in the way of defending science and human decency. To me, that is a noble endeavor, in the US and everywhere.