The learning of joy

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The joys of learning.

Learning about things in and out of this world.

Learning to look into a problem, its underlying systems and its potential solutions.

Taking things apart, distilling how they function and imagining their inner workings.

The joys of discovering.

Seeking truth, finding the facts and not believing what one prefers to be true.

Taking a break from boredom, the passing of unidirectional times, the illusion of universal meanings.

Looking into your own eyes and admitting ignorance to bypass ignorance.

The thrills of hacking.

Doing it for the fun of it, the pleasure of finding things out, the need to trespass on what is known.

Putting things back together, seeing new possibilities and trying out new ways to connect them again.

Preserving curiosity as a childhood secret, the tenacious search for what has been lost or left behind.

The aching to lose something not to lose it all.

These are the joys of life too, the good life.

An insurrection of senses against the non-sense.

A riot against conformity.

The days of the enlightened rebel, the noble prankster, the outsider, the undesirable.

These are the joys of creation.

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